Slide:ology – first impressions

I’ve just started reading this book celebrating the art and science of creating great presentations, and of course it’s highly relevant to anyone who has the responsibility for delivering webinars. The book is one of the most beautifully presented that I’ve ever encountered and must have taken an enormous amount of designing. Here are a few extracts from the introduction:

“Unfortunately, most people never make the jump from verbal expression – which is what we were all taught in school – to effective visual expression, which is neither easy nor natural. Slides are thus stranded in a no man’s land where the general population doesn’t know how to effectively produce or deliver them. Yet when a presentation is developed and delivered well, it is one of the most powerful communication tools in the world.”

“We can keep blaming the software for the putrid output, but in reality we need to take responsibility. As communicators, learning to create visual stories that connect with our audience is becoming imperative.”
“Every presenter has the potential to be great; every presentation is high stakes; and every audience deserves the absolute best.”

So, no pressure then.