Top Ten Tools 2010

The Number Ten
Image by yoppy
Since 2007, Jane Hart has been inviting learning professionals around the world to contribute to her crowdsourced list of the top 100 tools for learning.
This is my contribution for 2010 (in no particular order).

  • Twitter has become my favourite way to connect with people online, and one of the first places I go to when searching for information. The unexpected and serendipitous connections you make can be at least as useful as the deliberate ones.
  • Skype has little competition when it comes to voip for consumers and small businesses. It’s the tool I’m most likely to use for voice communication, and for the last two years I’ve done away with a business landline and replaced it with a Skype number.
  • WordPress is the open source software that this blog runs on, as does my personal blog. Anyone that knows me will know I’m a big fan of Drupal (and nothing can beat it for complex projects) but with version 3.0 WordPress has became the ideal tool for simpler projects.
  • Evernote is my ‘external brain’, the place that I use to record anything I may want to refer to in future. It’s brilliant because it’s accessible on all of my devices. It’s largely replaced delicious for me as I had too many instances of saving bookmarks to sites that later disappeared.
  • Instapaper is a fabulous service that allows you to save content for later reading, and presents it in a consistent and wonderfully readable format. I save content from wherever I’m browsing, but will usually read it using the Instapaper iPad app.
  • Google Reader/Reeder is still the best feed reader I’ve found. The only thing that’s made it better for me in the past year is using Reeder on the iPhone and iPad to access my account. I can’t imagine reading the quantity of content that I do in any other way.
  • Google Chrome has pretty much become my browser of choice. I gave up on Firefox a long time tme ago (too slow and buggy) and although it’s improved a lot recently Safari hasn’t quite kept up with Chrome in terms of speed and stability.
  • Dropbox is one of those services that you just can’t believe anyone wouldn’t be using. It’s simply the best way to keep my Macs in sync and make all of my content available on my phone, iPad and from any browser. Just brilliant!
  • The iPad has already been mentioned in this list in terms of some of the apps I use, but it deserves its own place in the list. I think we’ve only just scratched the surface of what this kind of device will enable.
  • Webex Meet is a service that is in beta and currently free for meetings of up to 4 people. If I need something more complex than Skype, such as document sharing, this is my tool of choice. Whether they are able to maintain it as a free service remains to be seen.

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