Tired of technology? There's always a teleseminar

Sometimes the last thing to occur to you is the most obvious. Having trouble with broadband connections or technophobic participants? Then run your virtual live session using the telephone. This straightforward alternative was suggested to me by Connie Malamed in her posting Using Teleseminars for Training on her excellent eLearning Coach blog.
Assuming you can’t get together face-to-face, then what does a teleseminar offer, particularly when compared with a webinar?
The pros:

  • Accessible – most people can use a telephone
  • Ubiquitous – practically everyone in the world has access to the necessary technology
  • Straightforward – easier to design, easier to deliver

The cons:

  • Hard to maintain attention – participants have all sorts of visual distractions
  • Uni-sensory – no slides, no documents, no webcams
  • Interactively limited – no text chat, no polls, no whiteboards

I reckon teleseminars could be made to work if they are kept short, are not limited to a single speaker’s voice and allow for some form of interaction, at least some Q&A.
Has anyone made this work?