Welcome to the onlignment blog

An introduction to the onlignment blog, its purpose and positioning.

Phil, Barry and I have started onlignment because we recognise the increasing importance of real-time online communication, particularly through the use of web conferencing for meetings, webinars and for training. We also recognise that, although some vendors make a valient effort, this is a largely unsupported venture for most organisations.
This blog is not, of course, about onlignment the company. If it was, you wouldn’t be interested, at least not in the long run. We intend this blog to provide a vehicle for us to explore the world of real-time online communication with you, helping us all to make sense of a vital new medium.
As for me, my main interests are in how we communicate online using voice and imagery; also how we use interactivity to help achieve our objectives. In finding a way forward we can borrow a lot from our experiences with other more familiar media. It is fair to say, though, that the best ideas probably remain undiscovered. Let’s go exploring and see if we can find them.